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Been using SumatraPDF for years, and now suddenly yesterday, the ToC on the left side of the reader is gone.
More specifically:documents that have some sort of Table of content built in, used to have these displayed on the left side of the reader.
I have tried opening several documents, and searching if there’s a key combo I wasn’t aware of, but couldn’t find anything.

I also reinstalled SumatraPDF to the latest 64-bit version, but that didn’t help either… What am I missing?

Anyone seen this, and has a recommendation?


This hasn’t changed.

You can toggle Bookmarks (table of content) with F8 (View/Bookmarks).

Not all documents have TOC.

If you have a document that you believe has TOC but Sumatra doesn’t show it, please share it so that I can investigate (



Thanks for speedy reply.

This one I’m pretty certain has a ToC, I know I have navigated it “on the left side, clicking on items” in the past :slight_smile:

(F8 only toggles the toolbar that I can see)


Sorry, I meant F12.

But this document doesn’t have TOC (I checked in Adobe Reader).


Its key F12.

I also lost that TOC and found it.