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Hello there,

Sumatra PDF is awesome app that enough for my requests except shortcuts for moving on tabs.
I’m working on lots of documents and ctrl + tab and ctrl + shift + tab shortcuts aren’t enough most of time.
Something like below should be very satisfactory. Is there any chance to develop these ?

ctrl + tab : Cycle through Tabs in Recently Used Order
ctrl + page up : Go one Tab to the Right
ctrl + page down :Go one Tab to the Left



Personally I try not to have more than 9 tabs open for sets of files, though I may open more.
I try to use the vbkm feature which may for example have a dozen single files on one tab.
If there are up to nine tabs active it is easy to use ALT # to navigate them

To open in reverse order use Alt 9 8 7 …
You can reorder tabs as you use them by drag to the right end or left end but why?

Go one Tab to the Right as you say is ctrl + tab
Go one Tab to the Left is ctrl + shift + tab

So generally all bases are covered, except for storing the long history of random users selections.
Some work on tabs could be forthcoming but no idea what desires that may resolve.


Thanks for answer guys.

It probably won’t updated, then i should get used to current shortcuts :slight_smile: