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Hi! Please create an option to deal with multiple tabs like closing some of them at once. Also, a warning when closing all tabs at once, when closing the app, would be great! Yes, you can restore tabs again but that’s not the point.


that is covered by

There is a workaround for close all other tabs in that you can open a new window with current file CTRL+Shift+N then close the old window with all the other tabs

That is usually an editor function to warn that edits may be lost (yes I know some browsers do similar and ask are you sure you want to hit two buttons, but my edge will close all tabs without any waste of my time)

Sumatra 3.3 will warn you that on close all you have unsaved edits but depending on reaction will continue to complete the closure request, since that’s what the big red button is for. see


Well, workarounds are ok if temporary. Also, the closing warning would be useful even when you’re not editing files, but simply viewing them too…


I often use Ctrl + W to close multiple documents and would love to modify this function so holding shift too would close all the currently open tabs.

Anyone have any reason why this wouldn’t be a good addition?

Thanks for the hard work on this awesome application.