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Is there any possibility that there will be again a system wide SumatraPDF installer for all users in an upcoming release?

Now it is possible to install to Program Files via command line options like:
SumatraPDF-3.2-64-install.exe -s -d “C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF”

But this results in Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts being placed under the current user, and by result not visible to other users.

For large deployments an installation on a per-user base is very impractical.

If the GUI installer is used with default options, and not command line install, SumatraPDF installs itself under ‘%LOCALAPPDATA%\SumatraPDF’ as documented.

Problem: there is also a All-Users Start Menu shortcut to SumatraPDF.exe made under “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs” pointing to the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder where SumatraPDF is installed. But other users can’t access the %LOCALAPPDATA% path, because it is under the installing user it’s private user account folder (C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local).

By result other users see a SumatraPDF shortcut in the Start Menu that they can’t actually use.


When using Program Files for exe
each users settings / preferences / history / crash data should be automatically created in their own personal local area

I personally move the start up shortcut from my desktop to public desktop for other machine users to utilize.


but a default installation with the GUI result in a shortcut in the Start Menu that they can’t use, because the default installation path is under a user’s personal profile folder.

Not everyone is going to use command line parameters or manually going to change the installation path back to Program Files.


I would appreciate a system wide installation method which creates individual start menu entries and further shortcuts, respectively.


The default install adds three shortcuts (without interfering with user preferences)
One on their personal desktop
One in Alphabetic List of applications
and One in recently installed.
and is exceptionally easy for users to drag / pin those to personal start tiles or individual taskbar exactly as they desire.

It is not beyond the most basic of IT managers capability to delegate a systemwide rollout to their subordinates. Just instruct them to (depending on site policy) install as common in Program Files\SumatraPDF folder, then place one desktop shortcut as required per their system. I would suggest it be placed on the common Public desktop but each installation can only be customised best by the staff that decide how that individual site is to be administered/policed.
I have no way to know what other shortcuts could be desired, personally I add my daily start-up to both my personal Taskbar and contextual SendTo (why go searching for others beyond the desktop) , but occasionally Windows history will keep resetting those and many basic users can find that confusing.
Every site and every user has their own preferences so really its for your administrators to decide how much you want to avoid individual users using their own free will.