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SumatraPDF pre-release build version 14145 crashes at startup, on multiple file load


I’ve updated to the latest 14145 pre-release, from a slightly older build (don’t remember which exactly). Before the update, I had multiple PDF files opened on multiple Sumatra windows. With this new build, Sumatra loads the files slowly (used to be fast), becoming slower and less responsive with each loaded file. After a few are loaded, the program stops responding, and eventually killed by Windows.

Down-grading to the latest stable version 3.3.3 solves the problem.



Were those comic book files?

If not, what kind of files, how many files are we talking about?

Also, the slowness could be caused by just one of the files. Could you try loading them one by one to see if one of them loads slower than before?

No comic, just my usuals :slight_smile: – math and other technical materials, either scanned or TeX files. I’m currently using 4 Sumatra instances, with 15, 20, 7 and 13 open files.

I don’t think that slowness in 14145 resulted from any particular file. For, I’ve kept (almost) the same files opened for quite a while now, going through several Sumatra updates & computer restarts. Also, no other Sumatra version I used exhibited a similar slowness.

Please try pre-release 14148 or later. I just fixed a loading time regression that especially affects large PDF documents.

Done, with latest pre-release build. It now works just fine. Thanks a lot @kjk! :grinning: :smiley: