SumatraPDF on Linux


Do you have any plans to release Sumatra on Linux?
I started using Ubuntu, because I had enough of clunky Windows 10, and can’t install Win7 on new intel CPU. Besides, Win7 is getting old and not updated. So far I like everything on Ubuntu a lot! It is really user friendly. But, unfortunately, I miss good old SumatraPDF, which was a good relief even on Windows after using weird Adobe Reader and Acrobat garbage.
So, what do you people think about this great SumatraPDF reader on Linux?



not a developer but note there was some recent code changes towards 'nix but no roadmap/ timeframe is visible.
In the meantime have you considered since SumatraPDF reputedly ran well in the past, if you try it and achieve good results with current version 3.1.1 it may help to post feedback there and here.

here is a two year old quote from askubuntu “what pdf viewers are available”, many were suggested but my favourite from some comprehensive reviews was

If anyone else is looking for a PDF viewer for opening large graphics/scientific plots, I have had a much better experience with PDF-XChange and Sumatra via wine than with mupdf or zathura. I tested this with a ~3 MB file with thousands of individual objects (many scatter plots). For the linux native viewers, okular was the fastest ahead of qpdfview and the refreshed evince. Still, nothing comes close to Sumatra in speed, and you can run the portable version directly via wine, highly recommended! – Joel Ostblom May 23 '16 at 13:32


First read Why only Windows?

Sumatra is based on the MuPDF engine. So read and follow How to Install MuPDF 1.13.0 in Ubuntu 18.04.

There are many other good lightweight PDF viewers available as well for Linux. If you need help ask on or or any other Linux-focused site.


While yes, Sumatra is based on the MuPDF engine, and you can install MuPDF on Linux, that viewer is so utterly featureless as to be incomparable to Sumatra itself. I’ve run Sumatra in Wine on Linux for years now. Nothing Linux-native comes anywhere close.

Unfortunately, as the above “Why only Windows?” link states, Sumatra is fundamentally not a cross-platform application. A Linux-native version would be a new application, using an entirely different frontend using a different GUI toolkit on top of MuPDF. I’d love to make such a thing, but my programming skills simply aren’t there (yet).