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I use sumatraPDF to display .pdf after compiling .tex with platex and dvipdfmx commands in TexStudio+Texlive2018. It always issues “finished with error” message on the log. How do I know the cause and fix it ?

My environment is as follows;

Texlive 2018
TexStudio 2.12.14
PDF command to use in TexStudio: PDF command: “C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe” -reuse-instance -inverse-search “”"“C:\Program Files (x86)\TeXstudio\texstudio.exe”"" “”"%%f""" -line %%l" “?am.pdf” -forward-search “?c:am.tex” @

This is long option is to enable backforward or forward search between locations on .tex and .pdf.

Thank you.



What version of PDF standard does it use - 1.4 or newer?


You are using old commands my latest advice for TeXstudio should work for 2.12.14 on 2018

I thought I had written a tutorial for TeXstudio but it seems it was not uploaded so ignoring the references to TeXnicCente read the SumatraPDF section of this one

In your case In SumatraPDF the inverse command should be
"drive:\path\texstudio2.12.14\texstudio.exe" "%f" -line %l
remember that is a small L at the end and the path needed to work in your case may be “C:\Program Files (x86)\TeXstudio\texstudio.exe”

In TeXstudio you need
"C:/Program Files/SumatraPDF/SumatraPDF.exe" -forward-search %.tex @ "?am.pdf"


I checked the created pdf and found it is pdf1.5.


Thank you for detail instructions.

I followed the changes in SmartraPDF setting for both option and detail, and TexStudio command setting. But the error phenomena remains showing up.

So I just would like to confirm

For SmartraPDF setting,

Setting -> Option -> Backward Search Command Seeting : “C:\Program Files (x86)\TeXstudio\texstudio.exe” “%f” -line %l

(The last letter is small L)

Setting-> Detail Setting -> ReuseInstance = true
ReloadModifiedDocuments = true

TexStudio Command for external PDF veiwer: “C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe” -forward-search %.tex @ “?am.pdf”

That is it. Am I right?


@sekigh I can not tell if your paths are correct (this is always a problem without remote access) what you need to check is where you installed it either by looking at the properties of a shortcut that does work or by exploring to the folder where your copy of TeXstudio.exe is located then look critically at the route to where that file is, so in your case that could be any one of thousands of locations that I cannot guess such as

C:\Program Files (x86)\TeXstudio
C:\Program Files\TeXstudio2.12
C:\Program Files (x86)\TeXstudio\texstudio-2.12.14
D:\tex studio\2.12.14

The only way to know it is right is to try a double click in a valid pdf with synctex
there is a working set here
When you extract the files to a new folder use SumatraPDF to open the sync.pdf and see if the editor will launch with the sync.tex, once it is working you can delete those files then any other issues are down to the way the editor calls SumatraPDF
Once -inverse-search and -reuse-instance are working there is no need for the editor to ever use those commands again so do not include them in any editor settings this is a common error made by many installation notes
however -forward-search must be included each time

If the test file opens the editor and the editor correctly opens the pdf in SumatraPDF then any other cause for a “finished with error” message is down to the compilation of the pdf and you would need to raise a question elsewhere at a TeX support site where you will need to provide your tex code and log files showing the error.


Thank you for your help.

The test files you provided can successfully open the editor with sync.tex by a double click on the sync.pdf with SumatraPDF. Also compilation of sync.pdf can open sync.pdf on SumartPDF also. The first compilation does not cause error message at the end of pdf creation but the second and subsequent times compilation with small changes on .tex create error messages. I will submit a question to some Tex support site.
Your support is very helpful.

Thank you very much.




I have another phenomena with your providing test files today. When I compiled sync.tex and went though pdf. pdf was created and displayed on SumatraPDF without any error.
But when I close SumartraPDF, I received a following message with “the process successfully completed.” just after that.

  • font.c:63: not building glyph bbox table for font ‘IPAexMincho’ with 5678 glyphs

Is there any issue ? IPAexMincho is a licensed-free font I use for creating .pdf, very widely used in academia work. I received this message often before too.

Thank you.



I would normally say that is unlikely to be an issue with SumatraPDF since fonts are normally down to the way they are set in the editor. However my internet search on “not building glyph bbox table for font” only throws up one page related to mupdf (the rendering engine used within SumatraPDF) which I cannot interpret clearly
“When it is converted to image data of a bitmap system, it works even with Japanese PDF. However, the following warning is displayed.”

You may be able to check if it is a common related bug
If that is the case then the correction would need to be checked against known bugs and if not already reported raised with the ghostscript team via their bug tracker see older list and current It looks like it may be


does not look the same warning as the case in

I surfed other 3 sites and it looks most likely same as the last one: [ ]