SumatraPDF + Directory Opus Open With menu. Error


1.Install latest version of Directory Opus v12.6 on Windows 7 Ultimate:

2.Install latest version of SumatraPDF x64 and make it the default handler of .pdf files.

3.Install latest v9 of Foxit Reader and make it the default handler of .pdf files.

Installing Foxit Reader and making it the default handler of .pdf files is a must (maybe other pdf reader could be used too), otherwise there will be no error.

3.Using Directory Opus open any .pdf file using right mouse click context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF.

Note that if .pdf file is opened from SumatraPDF itself using File - Open… dialog no error is produced.

If .pdf file is opened using Windows Explorer context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF, no error is produced.

Error is only produced when the file is opened using Directory Opus context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF.

3.SumatraPDF displays this error:

I’ve tried googling for similar issues, the only closer cases I’ve found were these ones:

How can we solve this issue?


Additional links to different, but maybe somehow related issues considering SumatraPDF and Directory Opus.


When you say “latest version of Sumatra”, is it the latest release version 3.1.2 (from or latest pre-release version (from

It looks like Directory Opus invokes sumatra with just the file name instead of full path of the file and so if current directory sumatra uses doesn’t match the directory where the file is, we have this issue.


Latest stable SumatraPDF v3.1.2 x64.

Also checked SumatraPDF v3.2.10766 x64 pre-release.

Same error.

Directory Opus seems to invoke other pdf readers and editors successfully from open with context menu.

Why does Directory Opus have a specific mismatch with SumatraPDF?

Should I contact developers of Directory Opus?


I would agree this is an issue for GPSoft to resolve

Normally have no problems using context “open with” (prior to using DOpus)
Installed latest DoOpus on win7
I was able to get a similar error under similar conditions to above
DOpus seems to mess with windows default behaviour (there are way to many powerful options)
I was able to clear the error message in DOpus by going to settings file types then looking for PDF under system filetypes I was able to set
context menu >new Action to a copy of “drive:my path\SumatraPDF.exe” “%1”

that direct editing of DOpus “new action” ensured it behaved when using “open with”


Step 3. in the first post above doesn’t require installing any other pdf software. No change in default handler of .pdf files is needed. There simply needs to be more than 1 program to open .pdf files (other than SumatraPDF) in Directory Opus Open With menu. Add Notepad for example and try opening .pdf file using SumatraPDF. Error will be produced.

Edit Windows registry and make SumatraPDF the one and only handler of .pdf files, so there is no Directory Opus Open With menu, just the Directory Opus Open With… command and SumatraPDF will produce no errors.

I’ve tested Context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF behavior on stock Windows 7 Explorer and 3rd party explorer replacements (Total Commander, XYplorer, xplorer², Q-Dir, Directory Opus) and only Directory Opus produces the mentioned Context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF error. Therefore, one could say that it’s up to the developers of Directory Opus to fix this issue.

However, I’ve also tested Directory Opus Context menu - Open With - SumatraPDF alternatives behavior with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Adobe Reader XI, Foxit Reader, PDF XChange Editor, Nitro Pro and only SumatraPDF produces this error.

Moreover, on this type of error SumatraPDF always opens 3 tabs.

Let’s say C:\test.pdf is opened.

  1. In the first tab the actual test.pdf file is opened successfully.

  2. In the second tab *Error loading C:* is displayed

  3. In the third tab Error loading C:\Windows\system32\test.pdf is displayed.

SumatraPDF opens .pdf file in one of the tabs successfully, therefore I assume Directory Opus invokes SumatraPDF with a full path of the file.

There is something unique between Directory Opus Open With menu (when there’s more programs than SumatraPDF alone) and SumatraPDF behavior.

@kjk Should I contact the developers of Directory Opus to address this issue?

It would be great if we could avoid that ping pong game scenario between developers where both sides see the ball being on the opposite court.

Thank you.