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Home / SumatraPDF can’t verify embedded electronic signatures :frowning:



Unfortunately SumatraPDF which is otherwise excellent and is the best PDF viewer by far doesn’t have the functionality to verify embedded (or not embedded) electronic signatures.

It would be great to have this functionality because electronic signature equals manual singature, it is acknowledged by law and now especially during the pandemic people have to do a lot with electronic documents.

I was forced to dowlonad Adobe Acrobat Reader just for the sake of verifying electronic signatures, like a lot of people.

Is it possible to implement this feature?


Highly unlikely in the short term, as a viewer does not need the whole insecure use of JavaScript (which is primarily what Adobe and other apps use) MuPDF which is used as the driver, has rudimentary support for signatures, but I note that same as Acrobat or others that provide verification, its often broken or defeated, thus I am always dismissive, of who (Freudian slip) reliable those forgeries can be verified.

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