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Hi. I am just trying to use SumatraPDF as a wlx64 plugin into DoubleCommander and unfortunately the one that I found it is quite old and don’t have support for printing.

Here it is a forum discussion regarding this subject.
Integrated Sumatra PDF based Lister plug-in (wlx)

It is possible to have a more recent build of the SumatraPDF as a wlx plugin with printing capabilities?

Thank you.


Unfortunately I don’t think that’s something anyone here can help you with. This forum only provides support for the actual Sumatra PDF Windows program, so you’ll need to ask whoever’s responsible for creating that Total Commander plugin to update it, or get someone to create a new one if possible that works with the latest Sumatra PDF stable or pre-release version.


SumatraPDF.wlx64 0.8.1 (04.05.2014) was built mainly for use with freemium UV which handled many other file formats so only needed limited formats (e.g. pdf) this is the one that did not handle printing, but SumatraPDF is NOT a print handler.

Slister 1.1.2 (20.09.2011) Added x64 wrapper for newer SumatraPDF Builds (inc prerelease)

Slister.ini can be configured for viewing
Vector/Raster *EPS PDF *PS OXPS XPS
Images GIF J2K JPG PNG TGA TIF (others inc webp)
Comic Archives, CB7Z, CBR, CBT, CBZ,
eBook= ePub, MOBI,
Fiction Wise= fb2, fb2z, zfb2
Palm DOC format= PDB

*requires Ghostscript