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Home / SumatraPDF 3.2 showing same colour for all tabs in Windows 7 Aero


It looks like this in 3.1 version:

and like this in 3.2 (latest version); you can’t distinguish each tab:


It is subtle and just the same in win 10 on the left the tab is pale grey #eeeeee on right it is pure white #ffffff and darker grey #dedede when you hover


what? It looks the same both of them

all are just white for me, may be my graphics configuration that makes it being the same


In that last shot it is clear the current selection is the middle white one the other 4 are grey. but I grant you it is subtle enough that most users woud see them all as a light colour.

The proposal was " less round tabs - active tab light color

All the conflicting requests resulted in as a VS UI theme, and thats were is sits now, currently all tabs are squared and very pale grey, with white for the active one !


Yeah, it is my screen configuration that makes it to be all of them just white. I have put the default settings and there I already see the difference. I would have to use previous version then.

Thank you.