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SumatraPDF 3.2: No tooltips for hyperlink URLs when hovering

Hi, All,

In version 3.1.2, when I hovered the mouse over a hyperlink, a tooltip would pop up with the URL:


In 3.2, I don’t see the tooltip (but I can only include one image as a new user), so please trust me on this one. :innocent:

I can’t find any discussion about it in the forum, nor anything in the documentation or settings file. Am I missing something? …thanks!

The tooltip feature (missing in 3.2) has been restored and improved; was reported as:

See and Increasing comment visibility period.

Awesome! :+1: …thanks!

I have just updated SumatraPDF from 3.1.2 to 3.2 and reopened the exact same file as before (c:\test\test.pdf), but the internal links have disappeared: Both the color of the link as well as the link itself is removed.
(the pdf was compiled from a LaTeX source with TeXLive 2020 and the links are those created with the \label-\ref mechanism using the hyperref package).
Any idea what could have happened?

In version 3.2 you can switch on debug highlight links
Debug features will be removed in version 3.2.1 but then hyperlink tips should work ( some good, some not so good) as before.

OK, thanks. I guess I wait for the update and hope that the functionality of 3.1.2 is retained.

To see how newer version may work for you try a portable pre-view copy from prerelease but be aware some features that affect LaTeX users font support (under investigation) were better handled in older 3.1.2 so also worth downloading portable copy of that too

It is possible to settle for one version installed and call the current page in a different portable version(s) via ExternalViewer functions.

I tried pre-release SumatraPDF-prerel-12825-64-install.exe and this has indeed both issues resolved. Great! So I’ll just skip 3.2 and wait for the next release (I’m not really in a hurry but I am keen on being able to open a second window with tabs enabled).
Thank you!

I’ve recently upgrdated to the latest stable Sumatra v3.2 x64 (Windows 10). Since updating, Sumatra does not display colored rectangles around internal and external links in TeX-generated files.

Below is how links used to look in older Sumatra versions. Opening the same file both in Sumatra v3.2 and in Adobe Reader, the colored rectangles are drawn by Adobe, but not by Sumatra.

The example was generated using this test file.

I have moved your post to this thread as it is relevant to your comments.

Display of links and their desination are inter-related, there are several open issues about both on GitHub.

For 3.2 tooltips and borders are not shown, but borders can be seen when menu> Debug Highlight is ON, and if using the pre-release since 3.2 the tooltip is also fixed and improved.

However the difference of using colors to show internal / external seems to be down to a change in MuPDF code.

Thanks @GitHubRulesOK! With Debug Highlight on it’s much better.

I’d like to see the hyperlink address if I hover onto clickable image or link text like chrome does at the bottom, or short pops-up would suffice.

I don’t know if this function is implementable by nature or not so this is question and suggestion at the same time.

I moved your post to this topic where you will see from above that version 3.2 fails to show some tooltips like before but did have the ability to “highlight” where most of them were.

The current daily build is much better at showing external links again (like version 3.1.2) but beware there are some link formats that may not always work as expected, since MuPDF introduced some tighter variations into launching links.