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I am not really tech savvy so please excuse if this seems to be an easy question, but I could not find a good resource that explained it well. I am using Sumatra and Texworks - my question: How do I combine Sumatra and Texworks best?

Thanks in advance!


First to clear any confusion
your heading says TexStudio and your message says TexWorks
As I understand it these are two (of many) alternative editor interfaces to LaTeX
As I understand it they both have their own native PDF viewers

SumatraPDF is often prefered by LaTeX users to replace those or other related output viewers

Part of the solution may depend on the latex engine you are using (e.g. MiKTex or LiveTex or other)

for TeXstudio try

for TeXworks it can be more difficult to find a good re-configuration guide however at one time I thought that IF MiKTeX installer finds SumatraPDF already installed it is supposd to do the necessary re-configuration for you !
however I can no longer find a link ?


Sorry, I also meant TexWorks in the headline.

Yes, they both do have PDF viewers but I like the one from Sumatra better.