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Home / Sumatra remembers last printed Copies Number - very annoying


Hi, I am loving Sumatra PDF. It is really a very good and tiny PDF Reader. But something is so really bad, that i would like to change it back to Adobe. If I e.g. print 50 copies of something Sumatra remembers this. So I print a day later and forget to set the number back to 1. Going to the printer in the other room the joy is great. Could this behavior be changed in settings or somewhere else. I dont want to have Adobe back! Thank you Daniel


I don’t think this is a SumatraPDF issue since the number of prints is not stored in settings file as far as I knowthe only print related default over-ride is
PrinterDefaults [
default value for scaling (shrink, fit, none)
PrintScale = shrink

with my odd setup windows will always default it to 1 (I have print to file as default)
in fact I find no way to get it to increase number of copies unless I do so at print time