Sumatra pdf support of AZW AZW3 format


I would be delighted if AZW AZW3 format support could be added to this so useful and enjoyable program


afaik SumatraPDF opens unencrypted azw3’s fine, it can not support amazon’s encrypted files


Not all, probably just AZW but Calibre reader opens the AZW3 formated file, without any problems as example book named “Everyday Cryptography_Fundamen - Keith Martin.azw3” is without any protection


I’ve noticed a few of those azw3 files that sumatra won’t open
but seeing how azw3 is based on epub you can convert them to the original (and supported format) with a nice open source mobi/azw3 unpacker
click clone or download on the right and select Download zip
as it’s a python app you’ll need python for windows (Linux’s have it preinstalled)