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Can’t I use Sumatra PDF version 3.3.3 for auto/batch print on a Windows server? I am not able to locate the exe file.

Thank you in advance.

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Unsuported for several reasons so just a few hints,
SumatraPDF Reader is not designed (Much the same way Acrobat Reader also is not designed) for bulk printing, they depend / are designed for Worstation Graphics, Acrobat has better printing functions alround as it comes from that Print File Format developers themselves. Neither expects to be part of a process run by any server system accounts, with attendent UAC problems.

One server issue is it must include Windows GDI for rendering. and headless file servers may not have that feature. SumatraPDF uses a very basic MS Print As Image solution which is memory intensive, whereas Acrobat Reader will use a leaner approach based on Printer optimisation.

Having said all that DO NOT use -silent to mask the error feedback and many users find it works fine for everyday “blind” printing. For Commerial printers such as Xerox or even low end escPOS you may find Acrobat the better option, but SumatraPDF is very much perfect for my PDF fomat enabled cheap inkjet.