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Sumatra PDF generates clickable references with errors. Example this entry [4]­07/200703_lf_self­sovereign­identity­use­cases.pdf on page two in the column “Quellenverzeichnis” in this file LeSSI-Flyer-Endbenutzer ( . To me it looks like Sumatra-PDF is misinterpreting the special characters in the URL when parsing. As you can see here in the text of the post, the slashes in the URL [4] are displayed correctly, but the generated URL is incorrect.

What can I do so that either no links are generated by Sumatra PDF or working links are created? This sample PDF is created with Scribus version

In Acrobar Reader on Windows 10 Home 20H2 64-bit and with Reader qpdfview version for Raspbian the described error does not occur.


You are correct to point out links like your first one (which includes %C2%AD) do not work correctly thus lead to a “worm” page.

Using the PDF things are a bit better,

The [1st] hyperlink in that 2nd page column works for me in SumatraPDF current daily pre-release and also works as a webside link in previous 3.2 release both end up at

The fourth [4] download link also works but behaves differently as it requires a file to be accepted/authorised for download, but once I accept that action it will download the pdf.
Perhaps you can check and confirm which version you are running.

I had a lot of difficulty with some of those links in internet explorer e.g. why is a simple hyphen shown as %C2%AD see javascript - Using hyphen(-) in the url without encoding - Stack Overflow

Perhaps a code page setting in Scribus needs to be changed so as not to malform URI/URL s
I see there are several ways in scribus to generate links such as Insert Link Annotation versus create from text (which may have irregular hyphens/locale hyphenation)


Thank you for answer. I tested with Sumatra Version 3.2 for Windows Home Version 20H2 64-bit and for Edge Browser Version 88.0.705.56 64-Bit. The [2], [3] and [4] hyperlinks are for me buggy.

The matter is closed for me. SumatraPDF users will have to see how they deal with this error. :wink: