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Is there a Sumatra that allows to create pdf’s starting from, say, a Word document?


There is no such creator. Sumatra is mostly a reader/viewer application.


Short Answer = No

Longer answer = there was a “Rogue” 3rd party version (now well out of date) that was bundled with a PDF writer but eventually seemed to include crapware

Work around in Word do a “ScreenGrab” save in MsPaint as say PNG then open png in SumatraPDF and save as PDF


ms office 2010+ & Libre Office -> File - save as pdf


No need to waste time on such a lengthy process. Word 2007 had a separate Save as PDF or XPS add-in available for download, and since Word 2010 the feature is built into the app itself.

Moreover in Windows 10 you can print from any app to the OS’ own Print to PDF virtual printer.