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Sumatra PDF 3.2+ does not open embedded PDF

Release 3.2 does not open embedded PDF via double click on its symbol.
Acrobat Reader and Sumatra PDF 3.1.x does.
Is there any special setting or option to handle embedded files ?

No not for embedded (some will open) best to upload a sample to currently open issue

Example PDF (Download):

There is an embedded drawing (PDF) and an embedded IGS (ASCII) file.

3.1.2 does open the files - versus 3.2 not.

Probably I need to step back to 3.1.2 because I need embedded file handling

I have attached your sample to


A Workaround I use for any feature missing from an older version that I need quickly on occasions from the current version, is to add an internal to external call from the File Menu.
So if you occasionally want to call version 3.1.2 from 3.2 in the settings advanced options file replace the External viewers section with this code

ExternalViewers [
		CommandLine = "C:\Portable-SumatraPDF3.1.2\SumatraPDF.exe" "%1" -page %p
		Name = &Version 3.1.2
		Filter = *.pdf

Where Portable-SumatraPDF3.1.2 is wherever you unpack the portable copy to, from either 32 or 64 bit zip file at

Now to open the current PDF at the same page in 3.1.2 simply enter ALTFV

Is there a chance to handle embedded PDF in next or future release of SumatraPDF?


Those "Portfolio"s were handled reasonably well in version 3.1.2 However the support of that type of file is depreciating over the years and MuPDF core of SumatraPDF has made it more difficult to allow access to embedded objects.

This file type is subject to an open issue on GitHub so will add a link later in the day as am otherwise for now occupied.