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So, my Sumatra toolbar looks…rather bad. Like it is zoomed in way too far and likewise completely different than screenshots featured … well, everywhere. I have attached a screenshot.

I am on Windows 10, running the 64 bit Sumatra. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall. My scaling setting is 125% as recommended by my laptop, but adjusting to 100% (with or without windows ‘help’ in scaling) does not affect this problem.

Possibly related is that my menu is relegated to the hamburger menu in the upper left.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Or know what is happening?


I think you are unfamiliar with the way screen display behaves, here are two SumatraPDF windows open on one screen at different screen scaling for each, NOTE this is NOT a normal single screen set-up, but serves to explain behaviour.

in each case the one (instance) on the left is kept at 100 % and the right is scaled at 100% 125% and 150%, in each case WINDOWS does its best to rescale and anti alias the graphics with mixed success on icons and linework, generally it is to be expected that it will increasingly degrade until exactly 200% (but then users complain 2x2 iconography and text is “BLOCKY”)

100 & 100 %

100 & 125 %

100 & 150%

in all cases the result is due to the screen resolution and windows rescaling algorithms, the position on screen will also have an effect on pixels and it MAY help to very slightly resize the window by a “part” pixel but that would generally only work for that session.


It’s a well-known issue with high DPI displays but unfortunately there’s no one around to work on adding scalable vector icon/graphics (SVG) support to Sumatra:


Thanks so much for the info.

Until I learn more about SVG’s, I’ll just have to be patient.