Sumatra keeps its handle on opened files even when closing the files



For example, if I open 5 PDF files, then I close one, that file is still locked in memory. If I try to move or delete that file, I can’t, because that PDF is still locked by Sumatra.

Hope this bug gets fixed.

Thank you,
Temp Man


You should report new issues to

However you will need to provide much more info about version of SumatraPDF, OS, File sizes etc
as I see no bug :frowning:
Using current version 3.1.2
.I can open 5 x 20mb pdf files and get a warning from Windows 7 that they cannot be modified / deleted since they are open in SumatraPDF but when closed any one of them can then be renamed moved deleted etc



Thank you for your response. This bug appears to be fixed in the latest version.
I used to experience it in version 3.1.1, but it is fixed in 3.1.2!

Thank you,
Temp Man


Sumatra kept the folder handle open as well even if the file in it was no longer open in the app, but that was fixed in a pre-release version after 3.1.2: