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Home / Sumatra is extremely slow when it comes to sending data to printer for printing


Tried using multiple pdf opening software. Out of all the software, Sumatra was the slowest when it came to sending data to a printer for printing. Specifically when there are images in the pdf file, Sumatra takes 2-1000 times more time than other pdf viewer software. Eg. I sent a file of 6 pages with 2-3 color images, to a black and white printer, connected using LAN connection, it took 7 min.s for Sumatra to send it while two other software sent the same within 10 seconds. All the settings, software, computers, network i.e. everything remains the same except the pdf software from which I am sending. Two of my friends here have also experienced this. Kindly check if something can be done. Thank you.


Sumatra (esp. since v3.1 which mandated Print as Image) has several known printing-related issues. You can probably try a portable copy of 3.0 but since it’s so old at this point I would recommend using another app to print for best results.