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sumatra_highlight_helper - key H to A fix soon, other suggestions?

Hi all, I plan to soon update my script sumatra_highlight_helper

to work with the latest version of SumatraPDF prerelease

I’ll first only do a small fix that mimics how SumatraPDF prerelease changed the highlight keyboard shortcut from H to A

After that I might adding/changing other features. Any suggestions? All feedback welcome.

One thing I’m not sure about is what to do with sumatra_highlight_helper’s current ctrl+H and win+H shortcuts. I want to avoid keyboard conflict and ctrl+A and win+A are already in use for “select all” and Window’s “Open Action Center”. Suggestions welcome on that also.

Some background links on the topic of highlighting in SumatraPDF and changes that would make helper scripts like this more seamless to use


I have replied to some of the above issues, with my suggestions, I also noted there may need to be a check when both mouse keys are used and NO text has been selected, possibly causing a null condition ?


I saw your feedback on the github issues and also on sumatra_highlight_helper issues - useful!

Thanks, I will look into that.