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I have two suggestions/feature requests for bookmarks:

  • Expand and collapse all. Atm you can use Shift + * in the numpad to expand all. Perhaps this is an accidental feature?
  • Text wrap. Sometimes you have to drag the panel border to the middle of the screen just to read the bookmarks.

Its there by design (perhaps not well documented) see

The idea is they are “named destinations” and can be called from other programs, or seen as an outline of the structure for navigation. If the author considers their audience well, they would keep them short, and thus should not need “wrapping” however…
The width of the “bookmark” window is stored in settings and has a range, some users (including me) complain it can not be made narrow enough.

Bookmarks From MyNotes - Keys and Combinations :slight_smile:
Depending on the author, bookmark trees can be quite complex and it’s fairly easy to expand and collapse sections with a mouse. When they are visible [F12] the default is for them to be fully expanded, the usual request when there are multiple levels, is to how to collapse and re-expand with just keys.

Those functions are not all currently documented in the “Manual”. Much of the controls for this area depend on using arrow keys or having numpad keys.
numpad [+] OR [*] OR [Shift] +[6] = [→] to expand a level
numpad [-] OR [/] OR [Shift] + [4] = [←] to collapse a level

What is not obvious is that to reduce ALL bookmarks to first level only, you can use
[Shift] + numpad [/] equally [Shift] + numpad [*] provides a means to expand ALL

Most users would use [Home] then [*] or [Home] then [→] which may normally just open the first level (unless previously expand all has been used)
So to guarantee one level above root you need to use [Shift] + numpad [/] and [→] if necessary.
Confused ? I am


Thanks, I’ve added this into this question: PDF viewers can navigate bookmarks with keyboard

As for the long titles, this is normal in academic textbooks, so being unable to wrap text is inconvenient for some readers.


Hi there
thanks for your work, SumatraPDF is very nice.

closing all bookmark is an important feature to me

as many user i have a laptop with no numpad so i can’t use this shortcut
and i have a french keyboard.
it would be nice to be able to customize these shortcut or to use a FUNCTION key.

Best regards



I use AutoHotKey to work around this. Here is my setup:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class SUMATRA_PDF_FRAME
b::Send {f12}
1::Send ^2
x::Send ^w
a::Send {NumpadMult}
f::Send {f11}
u::Send +{Space}
d::Send {Space}
+u::Send {Home}
Left::Send +{left}
Right::Send +{right}
+Left::send {left}
+Right::send {Right}
Up::Send +{up}          ;Bookmark panel also use ↑ and ↓ to 
Down::Send +{Down}      ;quickly scroll page up but not affect in bookmark
+Up::Send {up}          ;
+Down::Send {Down}      ;

I use this with an airmouse to read books in TV and sofa. Pretty neat :smiley: