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I think, here is the right place to do that, under the tag, “feedback site” hahaha.
I’ve downloaded Sumatra for Adobe Reader limitations and heavy app, sometimes annoying.

Frequently Read Files,is great, Bookmarks/Favorites Sidebar System great too. Opens in the last page read, amazing.

Sumatra is easier to use, light, support all files that i need, but need some resources, to the better, like:

  1. Dimmer switch, day/night read mode.
  2. Highlight Text Tool (work like/with bookmarks and favorites).
  3. Favorites tool should get a selection + shortcut key, for marks.
  4. Home/Frequently Read File should by free for customization, the result would be a library easy access for book by topics created by user (like me, I medicine student, so, i create folders by subject, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Neurology and others. If could i create this “library menu” instead or as the “Frequently Read Files”, would be better)
  5. Multi platform should be nice too, take a look at ReadEra app. ReadEra misses the same features listed here, have the day/night mode, without dimmer, but night mode distort the images and cant open correct any .pdf, example; .pdf from Microsoft Power-Point, opens half cute, and can’t be adjusted.

If the app, with these improvements become paid, cheaper than Adobe, and lighter as now, I will really pay for that.