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Hello, as the pre-release version start to support the ‘highlight’ function and could save the ‘hightlight’ into the pdf file. I hope the following suggestions could be considered:

  1. Support the standard ‘save’ function which could overwrite the original file. and probably add a new button ‘save’ to the toolbar.
  2. change the standard ‘ctrl+s’ to the ‘save’ rather than ‘save as’ function.
  3. If the close button is pressed or ‘q’ is pressed, a popup windows regarding ‘save the document’ should be there before the program exist, in order to not lose any data.

Thank you so much for the awesome pdf reader.



Sorry for late reply, however the best place to raise feature requests per documentation is

“Found a bug? Have feature request? Use issue tracker .

However to address your comments with respect to save “experimental highlighting” in pre-release version

It is a mater of opinion since I think the words “save as” are much safer to remind the user they are potentially about to change the source file. the default of not saving [unless requested by save as] is thus the best action in that case
Also in order to not lose data the system will check if you really wish to destroy the original by overwrite.

If you disagree then please raise the issue at the link above