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Now Microsoft Store allows developers distribute their win32 applications on it without repacking to .msix package. Microsoft Store can silently complete the entire installation process.

Some popular applications like Discord, ZOOM, Adobe Acrobat DC already can be installed from Microsoft Store as normal win32 apps.
This is a great improvement for sure, users don’t need to google & download installer & install step by step, don’t need to pick between fake download websites and official sites.

SumatraPDF quickly became my favourite pdf reader since the day I knew it, yet many people around me still don’t know such a great app, using a huge and laggy pdf annonation apps just for reading.

So… is it possible that SumatraPDF shows up in Microsoft Store someday? maybe more people can use & like this app.


There was a pirate old version on MSstore that invaded users privacy so the suggestion was to replace with one or two official versions but that’s extra overheads building, maintaining and certifying, that someone needs to spend their free time doing regularly without fail.

Much easier to maintain the already 4+ variants using automated continuous builds on a daily (or so) basis.

Tell your friends to download a 64bit pre-release portable (one exe, no install) from