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i would like to edit the text inside the stamp like important or no confidential, it will be like a customizable option into the software


There are a few types of stamp Annotation as defined and provided by Adobe.

  • MuPDF includes the Set of basic text objects and SumatraPDF uses those.
  • Adobe reader includes a “Custom” range of quizzical Stamps, AFAIK MuPDF does not include those?
  • There are extended dynamic ways of using Stamps to include full programming customization such as javascript, signatures, adding images etc.

At present SumatraPDF only uses the Stock range of stamps that are not customized as should be standard in all reader/viewers.

Be aware, if you have custom stamps provided by Adobe, and you attempt to move them with SumatraPDF, they will usually be destroyed/degraded as that edited type may not be understood to be rebuilt in new locations.

So to add a new text stamp or edit an existing stamp to make it a custom one would require extensive coding of the objects at low level. (A possible enhancement but someone needs to provide custom code)