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I think similar features are requested all the time — but I think I can give this a new twist which should make it a breeze to implement:

Below Show Favorites, make two more menu entries: All open and All history. The results use the same UI as “Favorites”, but show slightly different lists.

  • Instead of “the database of favorite locations”, All open uses the list of currently open documents (or, maybe, all documents open in the current window — so maybe one needs 3 menu entries, not 2!).together with the “current location” inside every file.

  • Likewise, All history uses (the already stored) list of all documents which were open by SumatraPDF.together with the “current location” inside every file.

(Well, for best result, one should better add a “Search” to the Favorites UI pane!)


“All files open” in settings file has only been possible recently in pre-release and only very recently the tab tooltip names re-corrected to be in sync. However you should find some user scripts in the forum, to extract those two sets of names whilst SumatraPDF is running since they are changing in memory all the time.