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Thanks a lot for this terrific PDF viewer. But here are several points that can be improved. I want to show you guys.

According to this picture, we know that we can begin SumatraPDF on this page. I think it is great. But if I open some PDF, I will not come back to this page unless I close all the pdf I have opened before. I think if there is a way to go back to this page without closing all other documents.

Is it possible to personalize the Shortcut keys?

Is it possible to give a Shortcut key to the favorites? if so, I don’t need to click many steps to collect the pages.

Here is just some advice. Thanks again for reading.


Can’t go back but using CTRL+N you can go forward to that page:

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Not presently (unless you use Third-party products). Already requested in:

Add favorite is Ctrl+B(ookmark :slight_smile:)
Show favorites depends on language in English its ALT + A + S
Remove favorite depends on language in English its ALT + A + R

Right Click page for context and its easy to add / remove or show.

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Thank you very much!
Although it is not solved totally, still, I am really grateful for your timely reply.
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1: