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I have replaced on my Citrix servers Adobe Reader by Sumatra as the display of PDF files on Wyse devices is a lot more performant and don’t generate issues on wyse devices itself. So happy with that

But I have issues on Print facilites. The size of the file generated in the spool queue is a lot bigger with SumatraPDF than with Acrobe reader and I have received complaints from my users due to the tilme it takes now

As an exemple the initial size of the PDF file is around 1,5MB. With Adobe Reader, the size of the print file is 5,20MB but with Sumatra the size is now 16,1 MB.

I have try to play with some options like Printscale or printAsImage but nothing better

Does someone has an idea how to improve this?
Thanks in advance


SumatraPDF focus is reading rather than printing
Many will suggest you revert to SumatraPDF version 3.0
since there was a significant change to print ONLY as (bloody big) image files after that release (intention was to simplify other user printing complaints)

However I would not suggest all your users are regressed to an earlier version with other performance / security issues etc.

The best alternative (as its open source) would be to “build your own” using latest libs but with the older print function

Alternative is to get users to send print requests to ONE server secured copy of 3.0 using its CLI interface

[later edit]
since in a multiuser environment you may want to retain (subject to licensing terms) some adobe compatibility you could add a section similar to

ExternalViewers [
CommandLine = “Drive on Server:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\acrord32.exe” /N /T "%1"
Name =Print with Adobe Reader 11
Filter = *.pdf


Details about the printing related change can be found here.