Show thumbnails of files on desktop


Hi, I just started using Sumatra and am really impressed. A couple of months ago I switched from mac to windows 10 and have been looking for a good PDF app.

My question is: is there a way this program can show a thumb of the first page of a pdf file if it is sitting on the desktop? I am lead to believe that adobe acrobat can do this so I thought Sumatra might have an option somewhere to turn this feature on.

Thanks for any advice.


During installation if you click ‘option’ button, you can select to enable thumbnails.

You can safely re-install Sumatra to enable that.


Awesome! It might seem like a little thing to most people but the way my desktop is always covered in files, getting a visual cue helps me a lot.

Thankyou for the quick reply kjk. :slight_smile:


Id like to request that this configuration option be put in the options menu so people dont have to reinstall. Im sure there are plenty of people who have stopped using Sumatra just because not having thumbnails is a major disadvantage for a pdf reader.

Also when installing these config options should not be hidden in a “more options” button as they are not really advanced options but common options that most users would want to know about. Also these options are worded vaguely, like: “allow windows desktop to show image” or something like that, the average user would have no idea that this is referring to the thumbnail images of the pdf icon.


Thanks, it’s a good idea.

I opened an issue for it (


I made the exact same suggestion some time back as well:

Of course additionally having the option available inside the app itself so a reinstall isn’t required if you forget to select it during setup would be even better.