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Show more than 2 pages in a row?

Hi everyone,

I start using Sumatra PDF couple months ago and it is great.

Just wondering if it is possible to show more than 2 pages in a row. I look around all menu items but I did not find a way to do it.

If not possible now, it would be great to add this new feature.

Thanks for creating and maintaining this software. Great job.

Why do you need such a strange feature? Do you know any document viewer (ebook reader) with this feature?

Hi Usher,

I have PowerPoint slides saved in PDF file and so I find it useful to view multiple pages per row. I usually zoom out (so each page is small) and so even on a 24’’ monitor, I can still fit multiple pages per row on the screen. This is similar to thumbnails.

Sometimes I also like to read document this way especially when reading it on a 65" 4K tv.


Multiple pages (i.e. currently possible only 2 wide x 1 to 2 high) has been raised as a formal request ( and until someone can alter the code to achieve it the best solution is to use the inbuilt features of good presentation software. so here is one way that SoftOffice can present desired handouts, if you change the order of PDF export

This is similar to using n-up in virtual pdf printers but here a sequence can be spread across 2 pages.n.b. max layout is 3 x 3 twice (6 slides across x 3 high )

Well, thumbnails are mainly for pictures, for multiple pages inside a document people commonly use print preview. SumatraPDF seems to not use preview so you should experiment with changing layout for printing to XPS or PDF, whatever format is already supported in your system. For example, I can change “paper” size from default A4 to A2 and put 16 source pages on every output XPS page…

And If your pdfs contain slideshows saved as pictures rather than formatted document, you can extract those pictures back to files on disk and use any picture viewer to see your slideshow as real thumbnails.

Just to expand on the comment about using your printer driver to do the work. Here is the Preview in SumatraPDF for a printed page using a good print driver

SumatraPDF has always relied on good print driver settings to handle the desired print output that also applies to virtual PDF printers. There are much more configurable ones than the very basic one supplied by microsoft.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 updates are known for replacing advanced OEM drivers for older hardware with MS basic ones. In the worst case only MS XPS driver is working, PDF and other printer drivers may be broken or missing.
And if you use XPS only for such previews, you don’t need to remember to change your default PDF printer config.

Whilst testing conversion to N-Up-PDF I noticed that it is usually possible to read 3x3 pages or 4x4 continuously, However I still think the conventional view of 2 pages at a time is much more intuitive. I normally only have a single page width so as not to lose focus The main use for N-Up is to minimise carbon footprint in handouts, thus best reserved for printing.

Anyway the suggestion is IF you need multiple page widths such as 3 or 4 at a time then my N-Up-PDF addin can be run whilst viewing a PDF and you can delete that converted PDF if you wish after reading it. Most easily by using the companion Delete Later Addin.

Note as a freebie (and intended for printing) N-up does not always adjust bookmarks or hyperlinks (the 2-up version tries to) so on occasion may discard most of those in the viewing copy. (The original file will still be kept)