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Hi! I’d like to have a keyboard shortcut available for jumping to the next bookmark in a PDF file. Also a similar one for the previous bookmark.

The natural choice for this would be Ctrl+PgDn and Ctrl+PgUp. Those are the shortcuts in Foxit IIRC.

Thanks for this fantastic software. Once I adopted it, I never looked back!


There have been significant recent differences in bookmark handling (which should work uniformly for all formats that support them). There are now much fewer differences overall as there are less UI types to conflict so untested with chm interface.

Currently the stock MS sidebar controlling bookmark navigation allows up an down selection where CTRL PageUp/Down work to move the bookmarks viewport up and down if the pane length needs it.

The page shortcut actions thus depend on if reader is focused on main body content or sidebar content.

In the main viewer behaviour is for controlling the pages.


Sorry, I’m not sure I follow. I understand that this particular shortcut is taken and it works, but couldn’t we have a different one so that we can jump from bookmark to bookmark?

Not a showstopper by any means. I was just wondering.

Currently, I’m implementing this behaviour through an AutoHotkey script that sends F6 – Up Arrow – F6 when I press Ctrl+PgUp and F6 – Down Arrow – F6 when I press Ctrl+PgDn. This is a quick hack and it depends on the bookmark panel being open, but it works.


If you are navigating through the pages of a document with the keyboard, then pressing [Shift]-[Tab} will move the focus to the bookmarks, you can select the bookmark you want, press [Tab] again and continue navigating via keyboard.

One of the problems with just jumping to the “next” bookmark with a shortcut key is “which” next bookmark? We create a lot of documents with bookmarks that are nested several levels deep and present them with all the bookmarks closed up - in other words only the outer levels showing.

So how would you define the shortcut? Would you jump to the next bookmark that is visible, or the next bookmark that might be nested inside the one you’re on? Some would want it one way, some the other, and some - it depends on the situation. I don’t see any one-size-fits-all here.



I get it. I don’t remember how it was in Foxit because I ditched it for Sumatra long ago, but the choice in Calibre (for EPUBs) is to jump to the next bookmark regardless of the level. For example, in an ebook with several short stories, some of them with chapters inside, you’d jump from story A to story B to story C, then to the second chapter in story C (let’s say the first chapter coincides with the first page of the story), then to the third chapter, then to story D.

Some people would prefer otherwise, sure. I would accept the alternative of jumping only between top-level bookmarks. I’m just saying that having this feature in any form would be better than not having it.

(But, as I said, it’s not a showstopper. I’m extremely happy with Sumatra as it is.)


There were many complaints when the bookmarks pane was changed to be auto expanding so currently in 3.4 pre-release the action is similar to MS system explorer tree view, thus right and left expand and contract levels, but up down stay at current nested level, ctrl only kicks in like in explorer moving view up and down a line at a time, but only once the list is longer than pane.

Alt up down is odd in explorer, alt up is like jump up left ! but in SumatraPDF Alt is ignored for up down.
Alt right left in explorer seems to invoke a history of locations much like SumatraPDF does.

Shift Left jumps up a level then closes the sub-level, this is the same as MS explorer behaviour