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First of, the registration is f*cking annoying. It didn’t let me login with Facebook so I had to make up password that is 10 characters long. But then it told me it contains many repeated characters, so finally I used to generate a perfect password, which I will never use again because I won’t have any more issues in the future. Such a waste of time.

Now. On the left side of my mouse there are 2 buttons, which work as “load previous site” and “load next site” when I browse sites in google Chrome. I noticed those 2 buttons work in Sumatra too - when I click link to different page in a pdf and then press the “previous site” button, it sends me back to the page where I was before, which is super handy.

Is there keyboard shortcut for this? In manual, both Alt + left “go back” and n key do the exact same thing, move me to the previous page.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t have any control over the registration process, and without a Facebook account can’t comment on how Facebook store cookies.

To answer your question SumatraPDF traditionally relied on keyboard for navigation and there are many overlapping methods introduced over time, either to match other apps , windows functions or user requests when they gave acceptable reasons. most recent change was the common use of HJKL. Many requests have not been implemented yet as user A wants X and user B wants Y.

I am not the developer however as a long time user I have accumulated notes with links to shortcuts which are here You are referring to mouse buttons which are usually programmable with a mouse app and if you search forum for X-Mouse you can see some suggested usage.

If you are referring to chrome I think it is
Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tab Alt + Left arrow
Open the next page from your browsing history in the current tab Alt + Right arrow

these are standard windows usage and are respected by SumatraPDF
Alt + Left arrow Go back
Alt + Right arrow Go forward

SumatraPDF also has
n / p for next / previous page
and they are duplicated by Page Down / Page Up and [Ctrl] + Down / [Ctrl] + Up


Ahh… I was pressing the right alt + left all the time (which sends you one page back), as opposed to left alt + left which indeed does send me one link back - which is what I wanted.

Thanks for your help. Also sorry for my anger, I’m very short tempered