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I use Sumatra PDF in two different computers (both windows 10). Is there a way to have bookmark or last read page shared between the two computers?


Unfortunately that is not possible.



as kjk has pointed out there is no formal way of export / import, however if you take one SummatraPDF-settings.txt file from one machine and replace the one on the other it can work with a few reservations.

The paths to files “must” be the same, so if its a file in C:\MyDocuments on each machine it will be in your history and open on last page as expected, the same applies for bookmarks IT MUST be the same path, likewise the thumbnails in the cache folder would need to “match”

IF the drive name with the PDFS say S: or T: changes you cannot use %drive% but could use a text replace tool (or notepad) to simply replace all S: with T:

This is one reason I tend to use a portable version from a network share where the files are mapped to the same logical drive. So as an example my pdf may be in a folder called c:\mydocs\pdf on one machine,if I then SHARE & MAP the C;\mydocs as say S: on all pcs across my network then as long as that PC is awake ALL my machines can find those PDFs at s:\pdf (note that in this case the use of the first folder “mydocs” is not needed so ONE USER at a time (me or others) can use a single copy of sumatrapdf in say S:\apps\SumatraPDF (in reality on that “server pc” = c:\mydocs\apps\sumatraPDF)

hope that helps