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plz Author create a SessionData [] of SumatraPDF-settings.txt by far more safety;
SessionData dying very often(

if program is runing, and PC is shuts down = SessionData dying

How can I open “Frequently Reads” how the new tab?


The problem of “Lost History” on unwanted shutdown was recently improved in Pre-Release (28 days ago):

To get a fresh “Frequently Read” it will appear in a new window using CTRLN it is not the best solution and that issue is still open at:


thank You, for you work, very much)


What I like about Sumatra is that it picks up where the user left off. However, the big problem with Sumatra is that it does not display aspects like bolding, italics, underlining, etc. Oh, and it also does not display superscripting or subscripting.
Sincerely, Ron Deere (917) 476-5072


On 3.1.2 on Windows, I ran into an issue where the “Print” window locked up after having deleted a printer in the background and added a new printer. SumatraPDF froze, and had to be force quit, and I lost all of my open tab state.
Then, unrelated, I decided to install 3.2, which, caused all of my open tab state, position, and also file open history to be wiped. SumatraPDF-settings.txt still shows a long history going back, so I don’t know why I’d lose the state and file history in the actual program, but that’s what happened.
There’s just got to be a smarter way for the program to handle situations where the program has crashed or been updated, like having a simple backup of this state information in the AppData Roaming directory automatically generated that goes back a few open and close iterations?
Edit: Now I’ve noticed a new SumatraPDF-settings.txt that was created in AppData Local, so that might explain what happened with 3.2? The settings file now resides in Local instead of Roaming?



I think your comments about display are perhaps more related to viewing ebooks especially sub/super scrpts which is scheduled to be reviewed in the longer term?


It is unfortunate that whilst updating this time round the storage location has changed from remote to local.
I have always suggested that users who depend on customised settings keep a backup in a seperate location against loss during windows enforced updates.

There was an improvement in storing internal settings method about a month ago so the latest prerelease may serve you better than 3.2 version.