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As the subject says, when you highlight a bit of text, Sumatra would show the name of the font used in the selection (perhaps as a tool-tip, or maybe in the app’s status-bar, etc.) This would be super-handy. :slight_smile:


Just curious - is there any other PDF reader (not editor) that does this?

Related - IIRC Zeniko’s builds had an extended Properties dialog that would display a list of all the fonts used in a PDF, just like Adobe Reader can. I wish that feature would make it to the official version.


Not that I’m aware of, no. However, Sumatra already has the ability to select text, so hopefully displaying the font used in the selection won’t be too difficult to implement. It would be awesome if you could just quickly select text while viewing a .pdf and find out instantly what the font is (as opposed to sending it to some other app and clicking through an import process.)