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Home / Scrolling issue with touchpad, jumping up pages


If I scroll down too fast on my touchpad, the pdf will actually jump up quite a few pages.

Is this a feature? If so, how do I disable it?


Windows User interface has many related features so one setting to check is mouse options where line scroll is usually default of 3 lines per movement, however the screen may be zoomed in or out and then 3 “lines” are not the same at 100 % like they would be in a word processor, or web browser.

Another factor is touch pad acceleration so bigger swipes may exponentially get faster/bigger, and some pads that can be altered. The big issue is that screen rendering a PDF (or similar for eBook image etc.) is not the same as typed text rendering even if it looks like it was built that way.

Some single page software like a browser may intentionally scroll slower than default to ensure the scrolling is “smoother” but SumatraPDF has to use a median setting to cover as many different scroll cases as practical.