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Hi everyone
I have been using Sumatra for some time now and think its great and much better than any others I have used.
However since yesterday every time I try to print a document from Sumatra I choose the printer and press print and it then opens up a save box for me to save as a prn file.
I cannot work out what has changed as it has always printed no problem.
Can anybody advise please?
Many thanks.


Most Likely reason is that the default printer setting has been changed so that a check box (for print to file) has been activated, not always clear when / where that is done but look to the left of “preferences” in the print dialog if it keeps reverting by default to checked then it needs to be set OFF in the system default location (not just in SumatraPDF print options).
Best to log off etc then re-enter and going to the current default printer look for any such box in the printer settings. Every print driver can have different options thus not all will have that choice.