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Congrats for the best lightweight PDF reader ever that I’m using since years…

Small question: is the “Ruler” feature (or any other way to measure things in millimeters) implemented? I found a discussion about it here: Ruler (, but I can’t find it the latest version (I used SumatraPDF-3.1.2-64-install.exe).

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As mentioned in that thread the status was primarily “wont fix”, however the concession was to add a basic feature to the pre-release version (eventually available with stable version 3.0 onwards), which AFAIK should still work the same way.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve created an experimental implementation of something along your description with r9022.

Please download a pre-release build from (revision 9022 or later once it’s available), open a document and then hit the M key (for “Measurement”) to see what we’ve currently got - and keep hitting M for changing the measurement unit. To get even closer to an actual ruler, try selecting part of the page while keeping the Ctrl key pressed.

It is very rudimentary and I along with others wanted more, but I have often used it as it’s better than nothing. Perhaps other helper apps mentioned in that same thread are more useful, but I have not tested them recently.


Perfect like this, I didn’t notice it was also present in PDFSumatra-3.1.2-64 because it was not in the menus, but the “m” key shortcut is perfect, thanks!

(a little improvement could be: displays position (like it is currently) + also displays distance between the current click position and the previous click position, so it would be like a real ruler that can measure distances)