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I just updated SumatraPDF to version 3.1.2 (before I used to use 2.2.1) and I don’t know why it is not reading sumatrapdfrestrict.ini when I add -restrict as parameter to command line.

My sumatrapdfrestrict.ini is in the same folder that SumatraPDF.exe, and its content is below:

PrinterAccess = 1
CopySelection = 1

As workaround, I just remove -restrict parameter, but I would like to keep it…

Any ideas?


It should work
I copied your settings into a sumatrapdfrestrict.ini file
and ran SumatraPDF 3.1.2 WITHOUT a command line
I was restricted such that settings options were not available ONLY language

I removed the ini file and ran WITH -restrict on command line and got the same result

just to be sure I ran with BOTH an ini and -restrict

thus the full restriction mechanism is there in all 3 cases

the most likely case that it would not work is if shortcuts ran a remote exe without passing the parameter correctly


Just remembered the most significant recent change in 2014 that could impact your settings is you wont see a print dialog unless you add
DiskAccess = 1


Hello! … Thank you for your attention…

I made a mistake here…

Before upgrade the version, my command line was (below) and my SumatraPDFrestrict.ini was [Policies]:PrinterAccess = 1 and CopySelection = 1.

“C:\SumatraPDF\SumatraPDF.exe” “C:\SumatraPDF\Temp\MyFile.PDF” -restrict -print-to “Microsoft Print to PDF”

after upgrade, this command line does not work anymore. (document was not printed).

So, I read about DiskAccess=1, and added it. Same problem. So I suppress DiskAcess again…

As nothing working and I had to delivery it to an user, I just deleted .ini file and suppress -restrict to command line… OK by now…

Then I open this post… and now realized that, if you had an .ini file, Sumatra will always consider it, even you don’t add -restrict in command line. I thought that Sumatra just read .ini file when you force -restrict in command line.

After it, I create .ini file again (added DiskAccess = 1) and do not use -restrict in command line.

It works! Thank you again!


Glad to be of help
Thanks for the feedback, it may help others