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Home / Restore Session stopped working (Self Resolved)


Been a couple of months now, tried reinstalling, reg cleaning, etc. Ploz halp.

RestoreSession = true

My SessionData isn’t being recorded; even if I manually put some in there, it only works the first run and is wiped. Running as admin does not help either.


Not sure what happened, because I didn’t change anything; but it’s functioning now.


Unsure why it could have misbehaved but latest Pre-releases are better than official 3.2 release at maintaining a running history.

3.2 only writes history on controlled shutdown and some exit strategies could circumvent that.
see also

NOTE CTRL WWWW could result in no tabs to restore.
The underlying principle is there MUST be two or more tabs still active during closure/ shutdown to count as a “Session”.

CTRL Q or ALT F4 should work the same as hitting the top right X
Also if escape to exit is active then from fullscreen that should close and restore session again if there were two tabs open but not if only one tab was active.