[Request] Update 3rd party libraries


update libjpeg-turbo and libwebp to the current versions
libjpeg-turbo released version 2.0 which includes a number of fixes SumatraPDF still uses 1.3.1
libwebp has finally released the milestone 1.0 version SumatraPDF uses 0.4.2
afaik there has been no api change and upgrades should be simple

lzma has also been updated to 18.05 Sumatra uses 9.22 while it does say it’s beta according to the 7-zip developer the 18.05 branch is a stable release


Hi ianas I recollect on a few occasions you have built and shared your own changes but I don’t see a fork ?
thus @kjk cant pull request any changes you may have needed to make to your code, are you saying you think it should work or did you actually import and compile the libs without any need for change ?


I don’t have a github account I usually just download the zip (I don’t even have git installed) and build the current version for my own use (with a few extra defines)
I’ll get the current git and if I can integrate the new 3rd party libraries I’ll make a github account and publish the changes there but I’m not a programmer never even had a c++ course only standard paskal not even delphi


Similar I DO have an account which I am getting to grips with :slight_smile: (for storing App related notes) but no fork as I can muggle through C but not write spells (one day I might set some time aside to have a go) good luck


I tried to do it but the sumatra devs have changed some of the include files in libjpeg-turbo and libwebp so a simple copy over the old code resulted in build errors fixing those errors was beyond me