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I’ve tried every comic viewer on my windows tablet, and Sumatra works the best. My tablet has a slow atom CPU and only 2gb RAM, so Sumatra’s simple design and low system requirements make it ideal.

The only feature missing is an easy way to open up the next comic issue when I finish the one I’m reading. Buttons on the top toolbar to skip to the previous or next file in the current directory would do the job nicely. If you want to get fancy, a file skip gesture like two-finger swipe would be even better for those of us using a tablet.



The shortcuts are
< Ctrl > + < Shift > + Right = open next document in the directory
< Ctrl > + < Shift > + Left = open previous document in the directory

in order to invoke those as other hot-keys or gestures you would need to use a system helper app usually supplied by a third party, depending on your OS or hardware it should be generally possible to customise as you wish but could involve some extensive web searching.
a simpler alternative if the files load quick enough may be to put a sessions worth of files in a sub folder then use a shortcut or drag 'n drop the folder onto SumatraPDF.EXE so it opens them all and close tabs once read


Until a user-customizable toolbar is implemented (if ever), you’ll unfortunately only be directed to this in response to all such requests.


Thanks for the responses. For anybody else looking to easily skip files with gestures, GestureSign will get the job done. It’s FOSS, and it’s working well for me so far.