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Hi, I’d like to make a suggestion!
I’m sometimes working with a bunch of PDFs at once and every once in a while I need to compare the files.
Since I’m on Windows 10 I’m also using its mutliple Desktop Feature to have a cleaner categorization for my work.

However, previously I was using a Web Browser to view my PDFs so I was constantly dragging them across the screen in tabs.
Sometimes I need to open one file on one Desktop and later another one on the other Desktop, in an own window(this is not possible atm)!

Therefore I’d like to suggest implementing a multiple Window View(or dragable Tabs) for this program because I think it would make it even more convenient!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


This and other tabbed view improvements have been in the planning stage ever since the devs thought of implementing tabs, but I’m not sure if it will ever be implemented unless someone contributes the necessary code to the project.

Tabbed view improvement suggestions (


Hi, First-time reader; first-time poster.

It’d be great if Sumatra tabs worked like browser tabs, in the sense that they can be dragged out of the browser window, and released to form a new window. This would be very helpful when trying to view two documents side-by-side.

I signed up for the forum just to request this feature and I’m glad to see I see I’m not the first with this idea.


Tearing tab out of a window in programming terms is not as easy as using them, much simpler in answer to OP question to press CTRL SHIFT N then scroll or use bookmarks to compare two locations in one file or even two similar documents side by side.

For “spot the difference” comparisons it is usually much easier to rock between two tabs in same window the flicker where they differ is then very easy to spot.


I have searched a quick way to separate a tab from the one-instance-only window of sumatra.
So I thought something like firefox/chrome are capable of would be nice:


  1. Open two PDFs by double clicking in the explorer
  2. Grab second PDF and drag it outside the Sumatra window
  3. Window 1 will close the dragged PDF and Window 2 will open with the dragged PDF
    (4. Dragging tabs between windows) (new issue)

I found ctrl+n right now (open visible pdf in new window), but hotkeys are not as intuitive as dragging.

PS: I joined this forum instead of posting it to github… wasn’t sure what is preferred.


Together with [The Idea of dragging-tab-out-of-window-create-new-instance-with-dragged-pdf-open (http: // link has been broken as more recently hijacked by spammers)] it would be nice if the user would be able to move pdfs from window to window.

Once a window is empty it could either be closed or the “homepage” will be shown.

Edit: Damn, only searched Github for a issue about this and haven’t found the one mentioned. :frowning:


Old issues are hard to spot amongst so many duplicates but as you can see from above this is a 6 year old request that nobody has yet had time to address !

Ctrl Shift N was the easiest to implement