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Thank you for the excellent piece of software.

I love the measurement UI! While observing the cursor position coordinates, could you please add the ability to ctr-c or other keyboard shortcut to copy the coordinates to clipboard, perhaps comma delineated, so that they could be pasted in other software?

Thanks for your consideration.


This has partly been requested by nod5 so he can improve his highlight helper, however I think its very low on the list of priorities, unless exposing some API allows that info.
You could use AutoHotKey to collect and display/save that info and if you do / can get someone to develop a few ahk lines that help others to do the same please feel free to show them back here.

Anyway I think the starting point from nod5s ahk code is
if (xpos != “” and InStr(xpos,“pt”) != 0 ) ;need pos in pt measure, not mm or in

Or use his donationware helper to save highlighted blocks to the .smx and convert that textual output.