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Reprint a pdf in one single page to 8 pages

I will try to adjunt th example pdf.

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That is a printers 2-up spread it is supposed to be duplex press printed (back to back) as a single sheet then guillotined and folded, thus not a normal users printing task.

The nearest you can do with manual printing is select the 4 x 350x285 mm regions using the crop marks and then print 2 sheets double sided onto A3 paper.

The simpler way could be to crop into 5 pieces in an image editor and print as 3 double sided reduced sheets.

Which ever way its done the least problematic for folding is as designed one double sided 105g sheet

I can’t understand the instructions. Perhaps with screenshots showing the steps…

It is not ideal to use SumatraPDF for this task since the result will be inferior to that produced by a professional Print House.
But If I had an A3 printer I would do it this way as 4 pages to print on 2 sheets of paper

It’s my fault.
I am doing something wrong.
i am completely lost.
I have acrobat if may be of some help.

I am not clear about your aim you wanted 8 printer pages but that file is supposed to be 1 big page in a printers press, so it does not cut well into 8 printed pieces unless you use Sellotape.

If you want a new PDF for reading on screen or reprint as A3 it is best to make 4 pages

Here is the best a PDF reader can do in saving / printing that 1 into 8 image pages.


With Acrobat it may be possible to do better and keep the searchable text.

I’ll try and comment.
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