Reopen Closed Tab


Is it possible to implement a “reopen” or “undo closed tab” option, similar to the Ctrl+Shift+T function in browsers such as Firefox and Chrome?

(Maybe I’m the only one who would find this helpful, but if you are looking at many of the same PDFs often, e.g., while working on a project, it would be quite appreciated.)

Accessing previously opened PDFs

Reasonable request, and not the first time requested, stock answer is why can’t you simply Alt+F+1 or up to 9 and 0



Sorry for late response - glad to hear I’m not the only one thinking about it (apologies for not finding the previous requests).

I suppose “Alt+F+number” is one solution if “Remember open files” is checked, though I find that setting slightly annoying for two reasons:

  1. having all my PDFs open to the last place (say page 24) if I’m opening up the file for the first time in a while is generally not what I want, and

  2. having all of my tabs reopen next time Sumatra is launched (i.e., if I close a window with ten tabs because I’m done with the project, it’s slightly annoying to close all ten to start fresh. Additionally, if you access files on a networked drive, and later open up the program when you no longer have access to it [work v. home], then the program has to freeze and try to access to disconnected drive before giving up, which takes time).

Because of those quirks, I disable “Remember open files”. Maybe if those two functions (remembering recently opened files in the File menu, and remembering open tabs/location) were separated, then the Alt+F+# would be a more workable solution.

Obviously, this is just a minor issue. Just my 2¢.



Try in advanced settings RestoreSession = false and on the standard options uncheck remember per document but do check remember opened files

That should give you the list without your “annoyances”


Yup - that seems to work. Thanks!

(Official reopen closed tab shortcut would still be convenient, but this is definitely a usable workaround)