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Great program, but one shortcoming … for my use anyway. I used to use XNview, but that lacked a number of pdf support elements needed, although did this bit as we like, and need.
When processing a list of scanned files, we rename them, the scans are year-month-day-time type files, and we call them meaningful things!
After renaming the program uses the next and previous file commands based on the new “location”/sort order of the renamed file, rather than the original position in the list.

I’m sure some people want this, while others like us don’t, so is there a way (using advanced options) to provide the function of not changing the next and previous files so that the user has the option to select how the files are accessed?

I hope this makes sense, but here is any example:
Viewing 200 pdf’s, first file is “2019…101.pdf” and last one is “2019…999.pdf” after renaming several files to “home electricity.pdf” and another to “work rates.pdf”
REnaming the third file to “rbs bank statement.pdf” means the next/previous files are not the files eitherside of the original, and during a large batch it can be a real pain to re-navigate to your place.

Is there something already that will fix this (checked advanced options), maybe sorting on time/date, or some other trick?



I agree having a control over sorting may for some be a useful feature however there has to be a method for the common good and the default is as you say alpha-numeric rather than any other such as date time et cetera.

I will often rename my files to year-month-day using number for month to maintain the correct order

If you are not able to get someone to alter the source code for you then the best option is to find a way to work with the files in alpha-numeric order such as re-name to “001-home electric” “002-work rates” “003-rbs bank statement” then use a bulk file rename utility to finally strip the unwanted number prefix.


Hello @stripey

If you want to test a Software that is used by Professional/Digital Printing Shops, that does what you are asking for and --a lot more— for large batches of files please feel free to contact me at pdfmagick at
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Disclaimer: I am the lead developer. Target users for our Software are Professional users that need to deal with a thousands of PDFs each day.